IMG_2467Lately I’ve been listening to the “Big Magic” podcasts by Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love (which I have not read) and she recently wrote Big Magic. In the podcasts, she coaches 5 different women to chase their dreams in some ways. She often calls it chasing your curiosity.

Liz often identifies the battle between fear and curiosity, how fear is the thing trying to keep us safe. Unlike Jon Acuff’s “Punch fear in the face” motto, Liz has a more gentle approach: to listen to what it is that fear wants. Fear may be way out of line, but it exists for a purpose. That purpose is to protect.

Stand fear against curiosity, she says, and you basically have two opposing forces. Curiosity is lavish and can be destructive without anything to reign it in. So the idea is to combine the two, to allow the two to work together. Do not let fear silence curiosity.

In one of the podcasts, she requests a young woman to write from fear to her, explaining what it is that fear wants to say. Then Liz said to write a letter from curiosity to her, explaining what it wants to say. Liz said to personify curiosity and fear however the young woman felt fit. Then, in response, write a letter back to the both of them: “Dear Fear and Curiosity, here is my plan…”.

Initially when I listened, I thought of a thousand different ideas. But eventually when I sat down to write this post, I knew what I should focus on. This blog. These ideas. I want to do it, but I keep stopping myself. I have every excuse I can muster, but I know it is me. I’m allowing fear to stop me from saying:

Check out my new blog. It’s got it’s own URL: and I’ve already imported all my new posts. My first letter (from curiosity to me) is up there, and the other two are still to come. I thought it may be a good way to introduce the blog.

It currently will serve the same purpose as this, but I have a lot of ideas and hopes for it. If you currently “follow” this blog on WordPress, you’ll have to sign up for emails on the new blog. Sorry. If you follow this blog via email, it’s likely that I have you signed up already. If not, you can sign up on the website.

TL;DR? Go to and sign up… or else you’ll miss everything.